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Tanzania Safari, Mt Kilimanjaro climb and Zanzibar Holidays

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your Tanzania Adventure Just The Way You Like It!



tanzania safari

Planning a memorable Tanzania safari tour? AHLA arranges Tanzania Lodge safari tours, Tanzania Camping safari tours, Climbing-Kilimanjaro.Com and Mt Meru climbs, Zanzibar beach vacations, tanzania cultural tourism, cycling in Tanzania beaten tracks. No matter what you want to make out of your trip to Tanzania, we can make it happen!

It is AHLA's vision to be the premier travel company in Arusha, Tanzania. We strive to succeed through our values: safety, quality customer service, environmentally responsible, and supporting the local economy.

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The Big Five Safari Experience


tanzania big five safariBig Five safaris in Tanzania are a must-do for anyone fascinated by wildlife. The term Big Five refers to the safari animals that are most dangerous to hunt. Big Five animals include: buffalo, elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos. Come feel the excitement of taking photos of these animals in their natural habitats!




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Mt Kilimanjaro Rooftop Of Africa


Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the world's most accessible high summits, a beacon for visitors from around the world. Most climbers reach Africa's highest peak called Uhuru Point with a walking stick, experienced guides, and determination. AHLA prides itself on safety and its commitment to its clients. We cater this climb to all age groups and travelers from around the world. Come experience an unfortgettable challenge of a lifetime!




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Cradle Of Humankind


ngongoro crater safariThe Cradle of Humankind, called the Olduvai Gorge, holds the deeply buried secrets of the origins of our species. The Gorge is approximately 90 metres deep where there was once a lake. Over the years, the lake was covered with thick layers of volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of early humanity. If you're interested in the evolution of humankind, come explore this magnificent historical site with AHLA!




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Explore Our Amazing Culture


tanzania safari

Experience explore the charm of the friendly Tanzania's people first-hand. There are many interesting adventures sites scattered throughout the country where you can spend from ½ day to a week or more with one of the more than 120 distinct ethnic groups making up the population. These are in places of great natural & amazing beauty, forests, big waterfalls, magnificent views, lots of wild life



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Zanzibar You Will Never Want To Leave!


zanzibar holidaysZanzibar's beautiful beaches are world renowned. Come enjoy the island's idyllic white sand, turquoise water, and unforgettable sunsets. The spice island of Zanzibar is a fascinating and unique world of its own. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town by wandering its labyrinth of narrow streets, losing yourself in the buzz of the markets, and exploring the many mosques and grand Arab residences. You'll never want to leave.



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