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Our core values



  • Safety: As our number one priority, we help hikers choose the appropriate routes and days to climb based on physical shape and hiking experience. We also have a 4 professional crew members for every hiker. In the case that a hiker needs to be evacuated, we designate 2 crew professional crew members to accompany you off the mountain.


  • Quality Customer Service: Customer feedback is essential for AHLA to continue improving. We encourage clients to assess our staff, vehicles, equipment, and food, and report findings to the owner. AHLA staff are all certified mountain and safari guides, and their priority is your happiness!


  • Environmental Responsibility: Due to the ever-growing tourism industry, we require our crew to follow the principle of "leave no trace." We provide our staff with monetary rewards when they collect trash on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We require all AHLA safari drivers to carry a disposal bin, and abide by the Tanzanian National Park requirements.


  • Supporting Arusha economy:  AHLA is 100% a local Tanzanian company. The CEO and manager, Justin Mtui, was born in Arusha, and he started the company from the ground-up. Justin began his career as a porter, and recognizes the importance of paying his staff a livable and fair wage. AHLA employs local and qualified staff to provide an outstanding experience to AHLA's customers!